What were you thinking?

I get asked this all the time.

To make a long story short, I decided to travel the world solo filming culinary professionals teaching their classic indigenous cuisine with food items available worldwide. I previously worked with on-location crews filming shows for cable, am a devout foodie, was recently divorced and ready to have another adventure.

I started in New Zealand and shot their green lipped mussels, lamb and more very fresh seafood. I was amazed at the level of sophistication the chefs, restaurants and locals knew about food. Same with Australia. They take food very seriously and I was busy with several cooking schools both in the big cites and in the outback. Hong Kong and dim sum was the next stop. With it’s bustling traffic and people’s energy, became one of my favorite destinations in Asia. Singapore is a safe place for women traveling alone and since it’s located in a strategic position in the trading lanes of commerce, has a variety of indigenous cuisines. They all vary but have a nice spicy heat to make you sweat and offset the high heat and humidity.

Bali was supposed to be a resting place since I was on the road for several months and feeling pretty tired, but instead turned into a unique setting for their cuisine. Bangkok and the Cooking School at the Oriental, was amazing and the recipes are classic and delicious with great tips!

Britain became the next stop and I traveled through the countryside finding purveyors and culinary professionals teaching about traditional English fare. And then there was Italy, foodie heaven, and several special chefs and cooking schools teaching classic Italian recipes. hosts the videos and I recently published a companion multimedia enhanced e-cookbook, Cooking Tips From Around the World, A Culinary Travel Adventure, with more recipes, tips, photos, video links and travel tales from this adventure. There is a sample chapter available, free of charge, to download and get a taste of the e-cookbook. For more information, please visit:

Get ready to be on an adventure!

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