Lessons Learned – Dealing with an ebook Publisher

Years ago I traveled solo around the world and videoed cooking schools and culinary professionals teaching their indigenous cuisine. It was a great adventure and I had hoped to get a television series produced with my footage only to find out, I didn’t follow union rules of having a huge crew follow me along. I was told a gutsy woman could not and should not, do this on her own. So, reluctantly, I put the whole project on hold thinking it will have a life of its own one day.

Then came broadband speed! The internet came alive with video and yes, my footage lives on my website and I’m thrilled to see these food ambassadors from around the world teaching people about their food, culture and style.

And then came the birth of enhanced ebooks! Electronic books with photos, video links and an interactivity that brings the recipes alive with how to instruction. But here’s the kicker: my publisher doesn’t do jack.

So many people are thinking about self-publishing since they have ideas and ebooks are a hot commodity at the moment. It’s an exciting time and producing an ebook is not rocket science. If you have content, which is the most important element, you can cut and paste your way into a pdf file or better yet, into epub and viola, you are an author.

Now comes the hard part: Marketing and Sales. If you go through a third party aka publisher, make sure they have a marketing plan to spread the word about your ebook. Otherwise, like me, you’re doing everything on your own with absolutely no support but having to pay commission on sales you generate.

Everyone and their brother is producing digital products. But quality rules and as the general public becomes more and more comfortable with having their reading material on a computer, as an option to print, enhanced ebooks are an exciting learning tool.

So do your homework. Content is king and don’t be fooled by charming hyped-up so-called publishers who will entice you with their lies they believe. They are most likely only in it because it sounds cool and as I’ve experienced, don’t have a clue about what they’re doing. Simply inserting text does not make a publisher.

About the author: Linda Naughton is founder of and author of Cooking Tips From Around the World, a Culinary Travel Adventure and is working on two more ebooks which she will publish herself. She can be reached at:

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