Flash to HTML5 Video Conversion is Happening!

It will be 20 years in 2012 when I first started working on the cooking around the world video project. It has been a series of incredible ups and downs and it looks like the final chapter of this series is happening soon.

My extremely talented webmaster has started converting the videos so they will play on Apple mobile devices. This is been a long road for both of us and the end is in sight! Since Apple, or more exactly, Steve Jobs, doesn’t like Adobe’s Flash software, converting videos to play on Apple mobile devices, on a small independent site, has been quite the chore. Flash plays on all devices except Apple mobile, so this conversion was necessary but a royal pain.

The good news is that he has cracked the code and all the videos will be live, soon!

I’ll keep you posted on the progress. Plus, the enhanced e-cookbook, Cooking Tips From Around the World, a Culinary Travel Adventure is also getting converted to additional formats to support mobile devices. Lots of great improvements are happening and I appreciate your visits to the site. Your suggestions are always welcome!

Epub3 here we come!

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