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Cooking Video Contest with Great Prizes!

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

Cook, Shoot It and Compete!

Hello Chefs and Foodies!

Welcome to’s Video Contest with prizes from some of the world’s best Gourmet Cooking Manufacturers!

Get your cooking self in a video and prepare your regional cuisine. You know your local ingredients and recipes so let them shine! Got tips? Be sure to include those too! Your video should be no larger than 100 MB and submit in either: mpg, mov or avi formats. Your video must be owned by you without explicit material.

Professional Chefs and Home Cooks (Foodies) will be judged separately.

There are regional prizes for: Northeast, Southeast, Mid-West, Southwest, Northwest, West Coast, Hawaii and Alaska in the US. Here are examples: Northeast: let’s see some lobster and clam videos. If Italian food is your specialty in New York City, then use regional ingredients. Southeast: bring on the BBQ and fried chicken. Mid-West: steaks, corn and all the goodness from the farms. Southwest: can’t wait to see those wonderful chilies in videos. West Coast: Dungeness crab, tree-ripened fruits and fabulous local garden veggies are just a few suggestions. Hawaii: do I see seaweed? Alaska: seafood and elk! If your specialty is fusion or international, use local ingredients. It’s all about regional products and educating people.

Internationally, if your country will allow contests, you’re in.

Grand Prize is Enclume’s most popular pot rack model for over three decades. This classic oval design is modeled after the first pot racks created for the King of France by his chefs three centuries ago.

The contest starts September 14th and ends Dec 1, 2009 midnight PST. Winners will be chosen by judges and the voting public. Please see contest rules

Don’t forget to have your friends vote for your video!

John Boos Cutting Boards, Chef’s Design French Roaster, Dansk Peppermills, Xtreme cookware, Kyocera Knives, Minden Stove Top Grill, and Le Creuset French Oven are some of the regional prizes to be awarded. For more information, please visit: or email: